Stop ittttt.


more days of (this) work.

Selfie Saturday.

Selfie Saturday.

It’s Friday. I found an apartment! Chris is back from Italy. We have a chock full weekend planned. Rachel is coming to stay with us ALL next week. My most recent long, rambling voice message for the dermatologist about adult acne and my upcoming wedding wasn’t nearly as long and rambly as the last one. Max comes home from camp. And I haven’t murdered anyone yet. Hooray!

How We Use Emoji: Basic Rules - TIME ]

If they had taken the time to interview me before writing this article, I would have told them that the only proper way to use emojis is to dump a whole bunch of random nonsense into a text message for any reason or no reason at all. Bonus points for something totally off topic and also for 18 of the same thing.


#tbt Our first whole summer together.

#tbt Our first whole summer together.

Oh hey, it’s me.

Thought now was good a time as any to write something real here for once.  You know, as I eat dry, reheated lentils, listen to my snoring dog and watch trashy TV on mute.

As you’ve gathered, we’re moving. Or, I’m moving (for now).  The dog hasn’t decided when he’s coming, but Chris will likely join me in September in the city of Brotherly Love.  He just has a job to go to something minor to take care of first (hey- if anyone knows anyone who knows anyone…he is looking for a finance-y job!)

We’re so excited to be moving back after 3 years away.  (and despite his apparent agony, Max is excited too. he just doesn’t know it yet.)

to be close to home again.

to live in a city where public transportation means something (sort of).

to be surrounded by restaurants where “good” means a little more than dumping french fries and cheddar cheese onto a salad.

to feel familiar again.

But, you guys.  It’s scary and sad and stressful, too.  We’ve come to know and like this city a lot. And we will miss it. Very much.

I’m sad to leave my coworkers. The neighbors I wave to every morning (no, for real…). The one-legged bum selling newspapers every morning on my way to work. Our friends K&D who made the trek with us from Philly to Pittsburgh but aren’t joining for the return trip.  affordability.  clean air. and our dog walker (SO SO MUCH).

This sounds overkill, but, looking back, during our time in Pittsburgh we went from two kids without any clue what the hell we were doing to real life adults who own a car and a dog and have two professional careers and somewhat of a future planned. In fact, we just got our first official wedding gift this week!

I’m taking 2 weeks off, purportedly to de-stress/detox/calm the eff down. plus, why not? But I know it’s going to be consumed by a housing search, wedding stuff that made its way to the bottom of my to-do list, logistical relocation nonsense, packing, and stressing myself out for no reason about something. always something.  I’ll make grand plans for books I’m going to read, dishes I’m going to cook, closets I’m going to purge, and then I’ll probably just end up drinking on my porch, sleeping in late and lusting over Pottery Barn furniture we surely can’t afford if we ever want to buy a house.

So anyways…no point really, except that I’m here. It’s the end of an era, which is always bittersweet.

Dear Internet,

Tell me about wedding veils.  Nothing antique/sentimental I need to consider. I don’t want something ornate or floor length. And I don’t want to spend a gazillion. Where do I start? I want to be able to try it on before I commit.


This was not one of the free samples I chose. Sephora…?

This was not one of the free samples I chose. Sephora…?

I wish there was a check box on Craigslist that said “don’t show me apartment listings that are written in ALL CAPS.”



[this morning]

me: Chris, what are you going to do this weeekend while I’m away?

him (dead serious): watch YouTube videos on how to pack a rolling suitcase.